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As expected, Microsoft has retired its Distributed Authoring and Versioning (DAV) protocol for grabbing e-mails from Windows Live Hotmail. DAV is being pushed aside in favor of DeltaSync, which works more efficiently with large inboxes (Hotmail offers a storage space scheme that increases the space available as the need arises). E-mails will still be accessible via; this change only affects offline e-mail clients. Microsoft says users can expect an improvement in speed and efficiency once they stop using DAV.

Outlook, Outlook Express, and Entourage users that connect to their Hotmail accounts are likely to be affected (if you’ve already moved away from DAV, you’ll be fine). Hotmail users that get their e-mail via Microsoft Office Outlook need to start using the Office Outlook Connector (Outlook 2002 users will have to change their settings. Hotmail users that get their e-mail via Outlook Express are recommended to switch to Windows Live Mail or change their settings to use POP3. The latest client release of Windows to have Outlook Express is Windows XP; Vista includes Windows Mail, and Windows 7 does not include an e-mail client at all. Hotmail users that get their e-mail via Entourage are recommended to change their settings.

In April 2008, Microsoft announced that it would be killing off the DAV protocol on June 30, 2008. After an outcry from users that this was too soon, the software giant heard the complaints in May 2008 but did not give a new deadline for the killdate. In March 2009, Microsoft finished the worldwide roll out of POP3 support for Hotmail. In June 2009, the company announced it would retire its Distributed Authoring and Versioning (DAV) protocol in September.