CherryPad: This is What a $188 Tablet Looks Like | News & Opinion

Posted: October 30, 2010 in Uncategorized

CherryPad: This is What a $188 Tablet Looks Like

By: David Pierce

$499. $399. These are the prices we’re seeing for tablets (and those are the cheapest ones). But how about $188? That’s what Cherrypal is asking for its Android tablet, the CherryPad. Cherrypal is best known for its $99 computer, so the $188 CherryPad comes as no surprise. It’s a 7-inch, Android 2.1–running tablet that weighs a little over a pound, has built-in WiFi, an 800-MHz processor, resistive touch screen, 2GB internal memory with a slot for more, and lots of the other trappings you’ll find on much more expensive tablets.

But is the CherryPad any good? That remains to be seen. Based on the few minutes I had with the device, it’s totally functional, and is faster and more responsive than I expected, but you’re very much getting what you pay for—from the exposed screws to the resistive touch screen, there’s none of the beauty and polish of a device like the Apple iPad (which the CherryPad’s design essentially copies as much as possible). But if $188 is what you want to pay, the CherryPad might not be such a bad idea.

We’ve got the CherryPad in our labs for testing, and we’ll report back with a full review. Before we do, we took some shots to show you what you can expect to see with the CherryPad, so hit the slideshow to see exactly how much tablet you’ll get for your $188.


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